a game of golf wouldn’t hurt.

at Little Giraffe Book Club

…..in the House of The Lord. (at Church of The Sacred Heart)

Sweating with the crowd. (at Bugis Street)

An underrated Japanese vegetarian restaurant in Singapore. (at 藤 Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining)

[Food Tip] When in Singapore, try this restaurant. All their Japanese dishes are vegetarian including sushi and sashimi. One of the best underrated restaurants in Singapore. #NeverStopExploring (at 藤 Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining)

…this cute dog kept me company at Mount Batur, Bali. Original photo without filter.

…when in Bali, remember to chill out at the Potato Head Beach Club. #bali #NeverStopExploring

one of the best sunset spots in Bali. #NeverStopExploring

[Travel Tip] when in Bali for backpacking, remember to use Perama day tour packages unless if you have your own guides. Located in Kuta town itself, Perama is the most reliable provider and managed by local government. #NeverStopExploring